Sunday, 30 March 2008

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed - Jonathan Swift

This Jonathan guy is one smart dude. Everywhere you turn, you face disappointments. Things are disappointing. People are disappointing. Life sucks 'cause it is so bloody disappointing. But you have to suck it up and deal 'cause god forbid you actually take a moment to wallow in your disappointment. Just stick a smile on your face and you're set.

Someone, somewhere, has a really sick sense of humour.

Friday, 28 March 2008

New Beginnings

So... I made a new blog. Yup yup. Even though I barely write in my other blog. Well the purpose for creating this blog wasn't to just prove that I could have multiple blogs in the same site (which I so totally can! how cool is that?). The real reason is, and it might sound crazy but that's just 'cause it is, emotional attachment. Yeah.

The thing is I get attached to the absurdest things. Usually just about anything and everything. I'm completely useless during cleaning that involves throwing out stuff. Just can't do it. My mom gets so frustrated at me being such a pack rat. The scenario goes pretty much like this:

(While attempting to get the house cleaned by throwing out junk)
Me: Ooooh this doll is so pretty! When did we get this?

Mom: When you were 4.

Me: Oh. You still kept it after all these years?

Mom: No. *You* kept it after all these years. You absolutely refused to let me give it away.

Me: But that's silly. It's so old. We don't need it.

Mom: Exactly. So put it in the rubbish pile.

Me: (Having second thoughts) No, but I *might* need it later.

Mom: Why would you ever need a doll?

Me: I dunno. I could for some unforeseen situation!

Mom: If in case you are ever in need of a doll, I'll buy you a new one.

Me: But... but... I'll miss this one!

Mom: You didn't even know we had it until about 2 minutes ago. Throw it out.

Me: NO!

By now, mom has realized it's pretty much useless persuading me so she doesn't even try. I even get attached to my desktop wallpaper. Heck, when I was younger, I got all emotional because our old smaller TV set was being given away and a brand new bigger one was gonna take its place. I kept thinking that the old set would miss us and what if nobody bought it or no one loved it. I think I even hugged it goodbye before the men took it away. I'm not insane. I just sound it.

So getting back to the new blog topic, I found this new template (the one I'm using right now) which I absolutely fell in love with. But the thing is, I felt bad for my old template; which is also nice but I wanted this one. So I couldn't bring myself to chuck the old template out to make place for this one. Hence the new blog. Yes, I made a blog so that the template would have a home. Maybe I am a bit insane after all.

Eh well. I guess I'll have to think of more topics to blog about. I can't just abandon my old blog nor can I let the new one go to waste. Dilemma dilemma.

Anyway, this first post in my *brand new blog* is dedicated to the Harry Potter books without whom life would be a little less meaningful.

Rant Time >:(

I just got back from getting a pic taken a few minutes back. I need it for this French course thingy I'm doing. Anyway, since it's so hot outside (boo summer + extreme weather), I took a cab coz you know pics with sweaty people aren't all that nice. So I get into the cab (yeah I'm finally reaching the whole point I've been trying to make) when I see that the driver has a camera cell phone! A Nokia N Series by the looks of it. Not that I know much about cellphones in general but I think it was one of those. Yeah! A cab driver. With a camera cellphone! How unfair is that!? I mean, I'm sure he's a hard worker and all that and he earns money and he deserves the phone. But he so totally doesn't! I deserve a camera phone! I've never even *owned* one of those myself! He has a camera cell and I don't? What is *wrong* with this picture!? Everything! All I have is this crappy Moto Flip. I mean I like it and everything but does it have a camera? No it most certainly does not. Heck, even the radio doesn't work all that well and the earphones are busted. Also, it looks old. I need a new phone! A *camera* phone (oooh aaah)! But I'm broke. And my mom refuses to even consider thinking about getting my a new phone. Apparently I have a perfectly good cellphone which is practically brand new (yeah 2 years old; it's right off the shelves!) and I should consider myself lucky that I even have a cellphone and I'm not like those many children who can't even dream of owning one. Pfft!

Whatever happened to the society where cab drivers hardly knew to operate a regular phone let alone a N Series model? I miss that society where I wasn't envious of random taxi drivers. This society sucks. That cab driver sucks 'cause he has a better mobile than me. All the people who have camera cellphones suck. And they will continue to suck until and unless they send me the latest phone model. Yeah.

Stupid people. I don't like people.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Random Ramblings

"If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me. ~ Alice Roosevelt Longworth"

Ha! Isn't this woman absolutely fantastic!? Took the words right outta your mouth didn't she? Oh come on. Don't pretend to be all goody goody; like the kind of people who look the other way and cover their ears when someone does the *unthinkable*. You know you love to gossip just as much as the next person. Who doesn't? No body that's who. And there's no sexism involved either, nope. Guys gossip just as much as girls, whatever anyone says. I adore gossiping. It's fun! Don't judge me, it's my birthright!

And gossip doesn't even *have* to be malicious. It could be a simple "Oh Mr. A is going out with Miss X." And the reaction could be equally simple. "Oh that's cool." Or maybe it could be a not so simple "Oh my god!!! He is!?!?! How could this happen! Doesn't he *know* that he's supposed to get married to *me* b'coz I've been secretly in love with him all this while and I wanna have his babies!" Er yeah. Not so good.

So yeah my point is, gossip happens. We should deal with it, enjoy it, heck even add something to it and voila!(Damn my inability to use French symbols online!!) A boring yawn-worthy convo suddenly turned fascinating!

Yeah, I have no idea why I'm suddenly ranting about gossip. Eh well. Oh BTW all those who said Artemis Fowl is awesome, fantastico, yadda yadda were so completely spot on! I've just finished reading the 1st two and can't wait to begin the next. Artemis Fowl = <3

Ok so the <3 doesn't really look like a heart. So sue me. I didn't invent it you know. Anyway <3 = love. So Artemis Fowl = <3 = Love. Yeah. Like some sort of messed up Algebra formula.

Anyhoo this post is dedicated to balloons and their awesomeness. They just make life so much cheerier and fun!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Funny Commercial!

Have a peek at this ad from Virgin Mobiles. Who comes up with this stuff!?