Friday, 5 November 2010

Cows go moo but crackers go BOOM!

It's Diwali. Instead of gorging on mithai, I'm online at 10 in the morning stalking random people's Facebook profiles.

One person's profile said she was 19 years old. I felt sort of connected to her because woh bhi 19, main bhi 19. Then I realized I wasn't 19 anymore. I'm 20. Bubble bursting happened. But it's okay. I can make loads more bubbles. Because I bought 3 cans of bubble making solution from chowpatty. [Edit: A certain someone thought this was a joke fail. It wasn't supposed to be funny Mister Tanuj Lakhina. I just typed the first thing that came into my head!] [Also, FOOL!]

It's Diwali and I'm dressed up traditionally waiting for mom to dress up untraditionally so we can go visit relatives. The last time I wore a salwar kameez was a year ago so I'm feeling fancy.

But mom is looking at me like she's painting a picture of my marriage. So I'm not going to be wearing this too often.

There is Facebook drama going on in my home page. But nobody is online. Who to discuss with?

I can't build sandcastles. I can build sand mounds and then stick a stick at the top. Then use the mound to bury a friend's foot. But I can't build castles.

My cousin (who is older than me by a whole 3 years BTW) just called me aunty because he thought I was my mom. At least it was over the phone so I'm not too offended. But he gets less mithai than his brother.

Happy Diwali!