Monday, 4 October 2010

Those retards I call friends: The Juniors Edition

Ex Facebook wife, current Facebook daughter, godmother of future children (because she's named them all), this blog post features my fabulous junior Anandita Rao!

She makes lameness cool. She comes up with toocoolforschool words [Me: I'm off! Her: Bata! (Bye+Tata)] and she makes up cooler-than-ice-cubes handshakes which make other people jealous. She's just too awesome for her boots, but she doesn't wear any so it's okay. (See even writing about her makes me as lo(o)l as her. That's the lame+cool word combo, like the ones you get at McDonald's. Also, stop thinking dirty thoughts).

We met way back when at Polaris (Blitz Krieg is cooler) last year. I was freaking out over Raj Singh Arora being there (yes) and she wasn't judging me so of course pre-friendship happened. Then we re-met at our college trip in Rajasthan where we bonded over my compulsive need of stealing milk powder packets. I shared some of my loot with her and the friendship was cemented.

Milk Powder: Bringing people closer since 2009

She is so awesome that I am officially adding her to my list of people I'd date if I were gay. The list includes a professor, Konkona Sen Sharma (who got married! Whenwherehow?) and a friend who once told me she wished I were a guy so she could make me her boyfriend. Best compliment ever? I think so.

Also, I made up a song for her. Okay so I wrote it last November but whatever.

[Must be sung to the tune of the Spiderman theme song]

Andy-Poo Andy-Poo
Doesn't like being called Anandu
Corrupts my puppets, bangs their heads,
Why can't she corrupt hers instead?
Look out!
Here comes Andy-Poo.

Lives in Vashi
Thinks it's cool
Defends it like a Vashi fool
Prefers Ad over the rest
Is in denial about Journo being the best
Hey there
There goes Andy-Poo.

Her awesomeness inspires me *wipes tear*

P.S. Now do I get a Blitz tee for free?