Friday, 8 May 2009

Only Slightly Insane

A couple of nights ago, I couldn't sleep. I had just finished reading the Percy Jackson books and couldn't wait to read the last one (it was going to release the next day but stupid thing still hasn't released in India). So anyway, since I couldn't sleep, I started wondering how the series would end. Then I thought about my favourite characters. After that I wondered whether my favourite characters would die. That led me to wondering how they would die, how the others would react to their death and how their ghosts would comfort the people who were still alive. Yeah, I really wasn't getting any sleep. Then I began to construct the exact dialogue one of my favourite characters would use to comfort his friends about his death. And this dialogue was apparently so touching that I began to cry. The crying for the death of a fictional character isn't new. The fact that the fictional character was dead only in my imagination - yeah, kinda new. As if that wasn't enough, I started making my usual connections i.e. thinking about all the other literary characters whose deaths had crushed me. And I began to bawl. Hysterically. At the back of my head I knew I was an utter fool; but that sure as hell didn't stop the tears.

So it isn't enough that I sob like a baby every time someone in the book I'm reading or show I'm watching dies. Now when there is no book available, I'm going to make up my own story, kill off my favourite character and then sob like a baby. Much better no?