Tuesday, 27 May 2008

PostSecret ♥

Look what secret I found on PostSecret's Facebook profile ^_^

Bwahaha! That's hilarious! I recently discovered PostSecret and I think it's an amazing concept. It started out as a blog on our very own Blogger and now books are published too. It's like a huge art project where people send in their hand decorated post cards revealing a secret of theirs anonymously. There are no restrictions on the secret, it can be absolutely anything. The site can be found here. I am in love with the whole thing and you should definitely check it out. The site gets updated every Sunday. If you liked the concept too, be sure to check it weekly 'cause there's no option for archives there. So you can't see the previous posts. The posts range from funny ones like the one above to really serious, disturbing ones so tread carefully. Other than all that, it's a lot of fun. Adios for now!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Grrrr >:(

This is purely a rant post. My yahoo committed suicide. It won't work. And what's worse, Yahoo mail won't work either. It has the audacity to say that I typed my password wrong. What The F. What sadistic pleasure does Yahoo get from keeping me away from my mail and friends. What does it want from me. And the worst part, it's working for others but not for me. Die Yahoo D.I.E.

Yeah, in case you didn't notice, I'm grumpy.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

MTV Roadies The Finale

The Finale was loads of fun though I don't think the Roadies would agree. Ashu won; surprise surprise. I don't think there was anyone who didn't already know the outcome beforehand. But it was the way he won that was so much fun. And the things the other Roadies had to go through made the entire finale so deliciously awesome.

Basically the finalists, Ashu and Nihal, had nothing to do. Oh except for choosing their team mates, which was an exercise in futility 'cause the evil mastermind that is Raghu switched their teams anyway. Oh and they had to do a bit of slapping too. But apart from that - nothing. The remaining Roadies on the other hand... well let's just say things didn't turn out so hot for them. The five tasks they had to choose between were :

Kiss an iguana for a minimum of 5 seconds

(yeah this horrible yucky thing)

Get your nipples pierced

Get slapped by the captain aka finalist of the opposite team

Get your head shaved

Donate all your clothes i.e. every single garment you're wearing to captain of the opposite team and use newspaper and a stapler to cover your nakedness

Now with tasks like these how can it be possible that the show wasn't fun? What I find incredibly hard to digest is the fact that the Roadies actually participated in this insanity. They were apparently doing it for themselves; to prove that they had the Roadies Spirit. All that is fine and all, but seriously? They didn't even get a share of the money or anything. Some people might call it their sporting attitude. I call it utter stupidity. Well Snehashish and Varun did get a Karizma for all that they put up with. But still! *shakes head in wonder* When the result was a tie and Rannvijay announced that Sonel would get the deciding vote; the looks on the Roadies' faces was priceless. I laughed out loud.

All in all it was a very good end to an extremely good season. If I get pics of the tasks being performed, I'll definitely upload them. For now I'm off with this fantastic song stuck in my head called Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. Google it.

P.S. When Ashu called his mom she burst into tears demanding to know where he was and Nihal was all bewildered and asked him whether he ran away from home or something. I found that very funny for some reason.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Doing your bit

Greenpeace volunteers light candles on the rocks in front of the Bakhtawar residence of the chairman of the Tata group, Ratan Tata, during a protest in Mumbai.

Greenpeace is protesting against the Tata group for a proposed deep sea port in Orissa.

The Olive Ridley Turtle is one of the smallest species of sea turtles. It is also highly endangered. Orissa is one of the planet's last places where these turtles nest. If the Tatas build a port here, it's likely that the turtles would disappear and along with them an entire ecosystem would vanish. That's right, if the port is built, the Olive Ridley Turtles would go the way of the Dodo bird and never be seen again. Can you imagine a whole species ceasing to exist just because an industrialist couldn't be bothered about all this environmental talk and went ahead with what he wanted to do?

To find out more go here : Save the Turtles.

And while you're there, just sign the petition, yeah? It'll just take you a couple of minutes and it's not that tough either. Just sign the damn thing. And in the process you'll just be saving a species from extinction.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Air Buddies!

Air Buddies has to be the most adorable movie ever made. I mean seriously, how much cuter can it get than 5 puppies with lovable voices and personalities. I was switching channels last night when I happened to come across this movie and I'm so glad I did. I didn't watch it right from the start but I definitely want to.

Rosebud, Bud-dha, B-Dawg, Budderball and Mudbud are oh so adorable with their crazy antics. I was giggling throughout most of the movie. It's a harmless flick for kids that I absolutely loved. There's this one line towards the end "It's not the size of the puppy in the game; it's the size of the game in the puppy" which made me smile. And another line by Rosebud when she and her brothers are confronted by a wolf and have nowhere to run "I am puppy. Hear me roar!" I loved this line for its cuteness. And then one of the other pups says "I take back what I said about girl power. Girl power rules!" Ha! I love *love* this movie. If you're into fluffy feel-good flicks (nice alliteration :P), then you should totally check this movie out. It's a funny movie and it rocks! Much love, adios!

MTV Roadies Part One

Yesterday's show was fun! Though not as fun as next week's finale is gonna be, as far as I can make out from the promos. I had assumed yesterday was the finale, actually. But no worries, I'm *waiting desperately* for next week's show; even though I know who the winner is gonna be. I've known that Ashu wins for quite some time now. Almost after the first couple of episodes. It was possibly the worst kept secret ever. The Roadies should be made to sign contracts or something to make them shut up about the final result. Anyway, the episode is still sure to be oodles of fun. From what I could make out from the promos, Shambhavi gets slapped really hard, Ankita and Anmol have to kiss some ugh lizard type reptile, Snehashish gets half his head shaved off and Varun gets really hurt. And there's sure to be loadsa bitching too. I can't wait! I've followed this show religiously right from the start without missing a single episode. Right from Goa to er, wherever they are right now. Damn I forgot. Curse my infernal memory! Without doubt the highlights of this season were :

The strip quiz. I don't think I've ever laughed that much on any other episode of Roadies.
The first major accident involving Ayaaz and Shambhavi. Two words - Shirtless Ayaaz.
The sight of the Roadies' faces when the eliminated Roadies were called back to have another shot.
The Ladyboy task! Laughed my head off.
Eating an assortment of bugs. It was disgustingly fun to watch.

The MTV Tickr poking fun at the Voted Out Roadies, which was introduced after Ayaaz's elimination is the greatest invention ever. So mean yet oh-so-funny. I *love* it.

However, I did think that the other Roadies were way too harsh on Sonel after she returned to the hotel room. They were unnecessarily mean and bitchy. Were I in her place, I would have probably burst into tears and run outta the room or something. The show is amazingly fun to watch but I would *hate* to actually be in it.

Until next time. Adios!

Saturday, 17 May 2008


My mom was telling me about something that happened to the sweeper in her office. He and a couple of friends were lounging about near a shop at Gateway of India when he saw a lady approach. She was holding a tiny baby, barely a couple of days old. She walked up to the shop and asked the shopkeeper if he had a bag since the baby was being bothered by the harsh sunrays. The guy handed her a paper bag and she carefully covered the baby with it. Meanwhile, the sweeper was looking at her. She went to the wall that acts as a barrier between the road and the sea below. She looked around and when she was sure no one was watching, she dropped the baby into the freakin water! Seriously. One of the fishermen immediately jumped in after the child and saved him. The paper bag saved the baby's life and she was still breathing. The sweeper and other people rounded on the heartless lady angrily and demanded to know what the hell she thought she was doing. At first she defended herself by saying that the baby "slipped" from her hands. Then, on account of the indignant protests by the sweeper and the other people who saw her throw the poor baby into the sea, she broke down. Her defense was that she had to do it 'cause apparently her husband left her since she gave birth to a girl. This woman now held her baby responsible and believed that if she didn't exist, her marriage would be saved. Needless to say, she was handed over to the nearest police station. I am still in shock. I cannot believe what happened. How could the woman even think of doing something like that? And what was the baby's mistake? That she was born a girl? Here, mothers start crying if their children fall mildly ill, and there she was ready to kill her daughter? What kind of a person does that!? And the husband. No swear words are good enough. I feel so sorry for the little girl. What horrid barbaric parents. Along with the lady, her husband should also be jailed for life.

And they say India is developing.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Meaning of Life

Yesterday me and my friend were both bored, online with nothing to do. So we decided to discuss deep meaningful stuff like answers to the question "What is life?" Here are the two explanations I came up with:-

Life is like a balloon. It doesn't make a lot of sense and if a car runs over it, it's gone.

Life is like a penguin. Everyone likes it but sometimes it stinks.

Pretty deep and meaningful, eh? The end. ^_^

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

In Love ♥

My new love. I warned you I've become dangerously obsessed with fashion, didn't I?

P.S. I wish I had found a new obsession with something that doesn't cost a whole load of money. Or any money. Like oxygen or something. Oh well *looks at the dress and sighs*

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Teens aren't completely useless after all!

The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible -- and achieve it, generation after generation - Pearl S. Buck

This post is about the owner of this amazingly funky website Whateverlife.com. Her name is Ashley Qualls. It's not so much about her website (which is very useful for some HTML tips, funky graphics and other Myspace stuff) but it's about her and her life (or what I've learned about it thanks to Wikipedia).

Ashley is the founder and owner of the hugely popular site whateverlife.com. The site is so popular that in September 2006, she bought a $250,000 house and paid for it in cash. And this entrepreneur is all of 17 years old! Yeah! In 2004, when she was only 14, Ashley started the website which basically consisted of HTML tutorials and free Myspace layouts and its costs were covered completely by advertising revenue. And (according to Wikipedia without which this post would be non-existent) "this website now receives several times more traffic than circulations for popular teen magazines Seventeen, Teen Vogue and CosmoGirl combined"! This from a girl who had no connections, no formal training, no rich relatives, no business professionals in the family and who dropped out of high school before she turned 16 to concentrate on her website. She didn't completely forgo her education though. She took classes through an online high school. She also attended a local college to earn credits for her diploma. She lives with her mom, younger sister and a horde of pets. And here's the curve ball - her mother was a retail data collector and now she works for her daughter for $500 a week! Oh yeah! Ashley is her mom's employer! How cool is that? She can actually say "Mom either let me go to the party or no pay check this week!" *grins* In addition to this, in September 2007, she obtained legal emancipation (yeah I had no idea what it meant either but Wikipedia to the rescue!) which means that now she has the same legal status as adults.

What an unbelievably fantastic life story this is. And she's not even old enough to vote! I *love* how inspiring and creative and smart she is. Just goes to show that anything is possible as long as you're ready to go after it. You have to stick to your dreams, not let go of them and be ready to chase them until they come true. Like Mark Twain once said, twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Ok I wanna write about something, I really do. The problem is, I have nothing to write about. My life is so mind numbingly dull at the moment. If I started writing about it, I'd fall asleep half way through it myself. And I just can't think of any topic to write about. Nothing. At first I thought about how since I'm having such a tough time I should write about writer's block. Seemed brilliant at the time. After all, I'd be killing two birds with one stone. Problem is, there's not much to write about writer's block (yeah, I know, shocking!). The words "It sucks" pretty much sums up the whole thing. I need a life so I can blog about it!

Oh! *candle flashes over head* (because light bulbs use up more energy than candles. duh.) I know something I can write about. How about my sudden frightening obsession with all things related to fashion? Oh my god, it's scary. Ever since Tanuj told me he's gonna take me shopping, I've become like this fashion obsessed monster who cannot think about anything else. Which is so unlike me. I'm not this person I've become. I don't think I like her. She actually prefers clothes to books! Who is this scary person who has taken over my mind and body?! You know what I'm doing because of me being possessed? I'm reading fashion blogs. No, seriously. I come online and I read blogs dedicated to fashion. And not chindi fashion like the one we find on Linking Road and Hill Road, but more like designer fashion (though I prefer street fashion anyway and that's probably 'cause I'm broke). This fashion thing is like a drug; I can't stay away even though I want to. What happened to the girl who didn't mind wearing the same pair of jeans regularly or who was perfectly happy roaming around in the same old 3-4 tops. Or who, given the choice between books and clothes, would laugh in the face of fashion and pick books without hesitation? Where is that girl? I miss that girl. I was that girl!

I'm not saying paying attention to fashion and being trendy is a bad thing; but being obsessed? Severely obsessed? I think that calls for psychiatric help or medical attention at least. It's just not me. I will stop. I have to stop. I'm closing all the tabs that have the word fashion in them. Or shoes. Or purses. Or accessories. Yeah I'm closing the browser. And done. Whew, loadsa melodrama eh?

In other news, ballet flats are really very cute.

How adorable are these? I'm gonna see if I can find a pair like these in Bandra

These are amazingly pretty too. I don't think I'll find something like this in Bandra, but you never know.

Maybe not as comfy as Oshos, but definitely a whole lot prettier. I already own a white and silver pair (which I'm totally in love with) but I have my eyes on these black and gold ones I saw at Hill Road. There were really extremely gorgeous. Oh and I googled ballet flats and I see lots of designer ones. Why become kangaal buying designer flats when you can get them for 150-200 bucks at Hill Road? *shakes head at designer labels*

Yeah I know what I said about closing all fashion related tabs. And I did. I just opened new ones. Like I said, it's like a drug; pulls me right back in. Maybe I can deal with it by splurging on shopping. Wotsay?


Was reading the latest issue of JAM when I read this which is so rude and so funny and just so awesome :

It's not like I hate you. I just don't your face and I'm not particularly fond of your body odour. I also think the world would be a better place if you didn't exist. Infact die.

*laughs herself into a fit*

Now here are some pics to keep you amused:

Sunday, 4 May 2008


I went to watch Tashan with a friend yesterday inspite of everyone telling me it was an awful movie and not to waste my money. But me and this friend have this unfortunate trait of liking almost any movie, no matter how terrible it is. Frankly, I was expecting Tashan to be horrendous after all the reviews and opinions. It was kinda predictable, downright silly in some places with Akshay and his impossible stunts and the shootout with him escaping most of the bullets. It had silly humour, sudden outbursts of unnecessary songs, flashbacks, a pretty much non-existent plot line. And I loved it all! Seriously LOVED the movie! I don't understand why everyone didn't like the movie. Well almost everyone; my friend liked it too. It was a completely commercial, typically timepass movie. And what's wrong with that? I mean it kept me entertained and didn't slow down or bore me and had awesomely catchy songs. What more could I want? Contrary to the reviews, I didn't find anything wrong with Kareena's or Saif's acting. The entire movie was loadsa fun. I would make an atrocious film critic and that's fine. I loved the movie and would definitely watch it again. I so want to watch it again but I don't think anyone would come with me, judging by the almost empty theatre. *sigh*

This post is dedicated to Tashan's title song which made the action sequences so much fun! *sings Taali Bajave Naache Gaave... Apna Jeena Toh Jeenaaa... Tashan Mein Tashan Mein Tashan Mein Tashan Mein...*