Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Customary End-of-the-year Post

*Long post alert*

Ok so it's not customary for me since I've never done this before; but this year I really wanted to write a post reminiscing over the last 12 months. Yes it's the epitome of a cliché and no that's not going to stop me from doing it anyway. So if this isn't your thing, I have loads of other fabulous posts on my very irregularly updated blog.

To start off with, all the negatives this year has thrown at me:
*I broke up with my boyfriend of two and a half years and in the process probably lost one of my best friends.

*For the first time in my entire life, I was failed (yes, on purpose) in something. I never fail. I'm not the KT kind of girl. In school, we had this atrocious subject called Needlework where we were required to knit booties which I never got around to doing 'cause I'm not the knitting kind of girl either and I still wasn't failed in that. And I failed Culture Studies. Just because that idiotic vindictive little woman took a Harry Potter quote personally and thought I was out to insult her. Never have I been treated so unfairly and never have I hated anyone with a passion like this. But hopefully *fingers crossed* it's all going to get sorted out.

*I realized that I care too much about what people think of me. And not just people I care about but anyone. Everyone. Random people, friends, family. Everyone. I guess I always knew that but the full realization came recently and it's not a good trait to have. I tried not to care so much and failed miserably. I just can't stop taking things personally and I destest being disliked. I wish I had the I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks attitude, I really do but *shrugs* maybe next year?

*Some more realizations? I'm too picky when it comes to making friends. Real friends. Very few people manage to pass the muster with me. My expectations are much too high. Must work on that.

*I make a terrible leader.

*I'm too nice. Hence, very easily taken advantage of. I also feel guilty when I shouldn't. I think both these are linked to the must-be-liked syndrome.

*I've read and written a lot less than I would have liked to, especially recently. Adding to the Things To Do Next Year list. Check.

And now moving on to the positives:
*I like going to college. Yes. Gasp. After a year and a half of hating the very thought of going to that god awful place every single day, I have actually started to enjoy college.

*I talk to a lot more people in my class now than I ever did before. And I've realized that most of them are pretty cool. Thank you Blitzkrieg.

*Blitzkrieg. I can't wait. It's so much better this year. Last year it didn't feel like our festival, it felt like their festival. But this year it is definitely ours. I feel so much more involved. It feels great :)

*I've become much more social this semester. Gone are my anti-social fits and refusal of company any more than was needed. Well almost anyway.

*So many new experiences. I traveled. To Rajasthan. One of my dream destinations. And even though it wasn't the backpacking trip I've always wanted, it was great.

*I can officially say I've lived in a haunted hotel and it won't just be wishful thinking. I might have had a supernatural experience myself, but that I'm blaming on faulty plumbing thankyouverymuch.

*I sat on a camel. His name was Michael Jackson and he was awesome. The camel behind me however was not. His name was Hritik Roshan and he had major homosexual tendencies. He kept trying to get close to Michael. I would have loved the gay camel had he not scared me every few minutes by coming up so close behind me that I screamed like a mad woman at random intervals. Camels are not pretty creatures. Believe me.

*I met new people. I made new friends.

*I had crushes! After such a long time. I missed that feeling. One was silly, one was intense but short-lived; both were fun while they lasted.

*I feel closer to my mom :)

*I'm just generally more cheerful now than I was in the past. Even when I should be all PMSy.

The good things outweigh the bad so I think it's been a successful year overall. Of course all this positivity might have to do with the fact that I'm in an extremely good mood thanks to plans finally materializing for tomorrow but that doesn't matter. It was a good year. But I'm not sad to see it go. 2010 will be better. Happy New Year!